Being a management person, one of the best model I came across is the “5 WHY’s” model. It is simple yet powerful tool which can be used for solving any problem.

What is “5 Why’s” ? Whenever you encounter a problem, just ask yourself “WHY” five times, in this way you dig deeper and get to the core reason of the problem. It becomes easier to solve the issue or at least understand it better.

“WHY should I do yoga? It will help develop my physical and metal strength.

“WHY do I need better physical and mental health? Because it is good for me.

“WHY is it good for me? Because it will recharge my body and mind

“WHY do I recharge my body and mind? To keep me focused.

“WHY do I need to focus? To pursue the things I am passionate about.

All you need to do is ask yourself and dig deeper to get a better insight.