Laughing at Yourself Made Easy

Laughing at yourself is liberating. Instead of feeling frustrated by your shortcomings or embarrassed about looking foolish, you can experience a little amusement when things go awry.


  1. Promote healing. Humor takes the sting out of sensitive issues.
  2. Reduce stress. Trying to impress others or live up to rigid expectations can be exhausting and even undermine your health. Letting go of that tension allows you to relax.
  3. Take more risks. Striving towards challenging goals expands your skills and knowledge. You may not succeed on the first try, but you’ll keep drawing closer when you stay cheerful.
  4. Increase your energy levels. Laughter is invigorating. Your mind and body get a dynamic workout as you take in more oxygen and pump up your circulation.
  5. Enhance your relationships. Trying to prove you’re right strains your interactions with others. Your friends and family will appreciate your company more when you’re flexible.
  6. Enjoy free entertainment. Broadway shows and video games are expensive. Laughing at yourself is a bargain.